The Empowerment Hour Radio Show

SS Logo 8.2014 -Wordpress3The Empowerment Hour Radio Show on 920am The Voice;  paid for by the African American Chamber of Commerce; moderated by AACCNJ president, John E. Harmon, Sr. (also Chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce) features many prominent people from a variety of industries and government agencies.  I was blessed to join the roster of interviewees on January 19, 2015.  John provided me the opportunity to launch StephanieSpeaking LLC at the national level via his radio interview.   Click here to go to the interview page and click on 1/19/15 to hear my interview.  Be sure to listen to the other interviews as there is much to learn.

Stephanie D. Burroughs President StephanieSpeaking LLC

Stephanie D. Burroughs President
StephanieSpeaking LLC

I’ve known John Harmon through business for a long time and have watched him grow organizations, pursue his passion and work God’s purpose for his life.  My confidence in his advocacy for African American business owners  sharing in the business opportunities provided in the State of NJ spurred me to join the African American Chamber of Commerce NJ in 2014.  I have attended a number of programs over the years; however, I took action at the time that was right for StephanieSpeaking LLC as I saw the value in the organization and am ready to scale up.  I must warn you that just joining is not enough.  You must participate, be willing to play a role in the organizational development and actively promote your company and brand.

The organization’s staff work hard to advocate for the members by providing quality programming, education, training  and connections.  It is heavily invested in partnerships and collaborations with those companies, corporations and state entities that will benefit the Chamber members who are prepared, ready and able to execute before the business opportunity exists (after, is too late).

If you are not a member, what is holding you back?  Make the investment in your company if you are serious about scaling up in 2015.  For more information go to the website.









About Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs

Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs is an inspirational speaker, moderator, trainer, business development and G.R.I.T. Growth coach; and author. Through her expertise in navigating minority, women, small and veteran business owners through the complexities of government and public procurement programs; her audience is inspired, impacted and informed of PRECISELY what is required to achieve their goals. Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs has been a minority, women, small and veteran business advocate and supplier diversity advocate for more than 35 years. Her candid real-world advice, inspiring, humorous and thought-provoking stories leave a lasting mental and emotional take action now impact.
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