You Really Do Matte and Have a Big Impact

Stephanie D. Burroughs

Stephanie D. Burroughs

Some of you know I have a calling to Inspire  I Impact | Inform.  I continually work to help people become more conscious of their thoughts; reframe their thoughts (I call it flipping the script) and in doing so change their lives.  My company, has two tracks – the Government Contracting side and “Thought-Life Transformation” for Women.  Periodically I will write or share the writings of others with you in the hopes of inspiring you to take immediate action towards your goals or to provide you the tools for introspection; getting to know yourself; become the inspiration you want to receive; learn how to live a self-inspired life and more.  I came across the following article in a magazine and thought of you, and I just had to share it with you.

You Really Do Matter and Have a Big Impact
by Reneé Gatz author of wise words and witty expressions WWW.René

Every soul is born with a purpose as well as the talent and the abilities necessary to inspire others while evolving one’s own spirit. Each soul is also as unique as a snowflake. While we may share certain talents and abilities, how those talents and abilities unveil themselves and how they affect others or ourselves are indeed very different. Some souls will impact a great number of people and other souls will impact a very small number of individuals. Some of us will understand early in our lives what our talents are and how to utilize them. Some of us will take much longer to have our gifts and purpose revealed. However, like a snowflake, each soul is uniquely beautiful and of significant importance for its individuality and contribution and, therefore, cannot be even marginally diminished through comparison.

Although we understand intellectually that it is not possible for two people to have the same exact purpose or gifts anymore then two identical snowflakes can fall from the sky, it is a very human response to sometimes look at others and wish we had their life and their gifts. By doing so, we momentarily allow ourselves to believe that our own life would be more meaningful if we were someone other than ourselves. Allow this to be a fleeting thought that comes to you in a moment of weakness. See the thought as an opportunity to remind yourself that if you could put down your troubles and pick up someone else’s, you would want to pick up your own troubles again. By imagining that you have discarded your troubles, you will realize that you have to let go of how much you have invested in your growth, how hard you have worked to overcome your challenges, shape your talents and that you will no longer be of service to those who have benefited from your experience. Stepping into someone else’s life would feel very uncomfortable, as if you were wearing clothes that do not fit. When you imagine that your life will be like another’s and that you will cease to be, you will begin to realize just how much your work matters, that your life does have meaning and that your it contributions are important.

It’s would also not be uncommon to think that another is more talented and happier because they possess talents and experiences you lack. When you find yourself heading down this road of thought, remind yourself that there is a difference between admiring and being inspired by the life and talents of another and using their success as a way to negatively measure the value of your own experience and contributions. Stop for a moment and remember not to compare yourself to anyone else. Instead look to those you are admiring as models of inspiration to help you achieve the goals you have established remember that you have gifts that can be of value to them.

As you go through life’s highs and lows, remain mindful that your unique purpose is of significance. Your contributions matter. Your talents and gifts matter. You’re here to touch and be touched by the lives of others and to learn and grow from your experiences. As long as you draw breath, you will grow and evolve and have something to offer. Your journey, contributions and how you utilize your talents and gifts have an important impact. Therefore, take the time to make thoughtful decisions that align with your purpose and that leverage your God-given talents in a way that is meaningful to you and others. It would be a great disservice to your fellow man and your personal growth and happiness if you were anything other than yourself, unique self.

About Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs

Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs is an inspirational speaker, moderator, trainer, business development and G.R.I.T. Growth coach; and author. Through her expertise in navigating minority, women, small and veteran business owners through the complexities of government and public procurement programs; her audience is inspired, impacted and informed of PRECISELY what is required to achieve their goals. Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs has been a minority, women, small and veteran business advocate and supplier diversity advocate for more than 35 years. Her candid real-world advice, inspiring, humorous and thought-provoking stories leave a lasting mental and emotional take action now impact.
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