Yikes! It’s Half-Time Already

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It’s half-time (1/2 of a year).  Use the time wisely by writing your strategy for the remaining 7 months.  Don’t wait until the end of June, start now, right now.  What’s that one thing you’ve been meaning to do or a  project to complete in your business?  Oh, and by the way are you:

1.   Keeping track of your numbers, e.g.?

a.   # of RFPs, bids, quotes, etc. you are responding to weekly, monthly, quarterly.

2.  How many business development calls you are making daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly?

3.  What is your sales conversion rate?

4.  Who are you speaking to?

5.   What are you saying to them?  (messaging)

6.   How are you communicating your message?

7.   Who buys what you sell?

8.   How do they buy what you sell?

9.   What is your niche market?

10. Does your potential prospect know that you exist?

11.  Do they know, like and trust you?  (How do you know?)

12.  Are you meeting your monthly goals?

Purpose, Planning, Preparation, Action
What are you waiting for?  What’s holding you back? Look inward not outward, chances are it’s the internal conflict or the “ANTS” (automatic negative thoughts) – Dr. Daniel G. Amen; that are in the way. 

I’ve heard people talking about “leaning in” – I take that as not being fully committed.  Think about it, if you are leaning in you are both partly inside and outside of the journey; sounds like confusion to me.  Then I’ve heard “step in”.  Okay, that’s a strategy; however, I still don’t see it as an absolute such as “I must, I’m determined to”, “I’m committed to”, “there’s no turning back”. While I contend that there’s no right or wrong, it’s what we think is right for us in the moment.  However,  I get “jazzed” when I meet business owners who make the full and total commitment to “jump in” – as in jumping into the deep end of the pool where you will quickly learn to swim or float – sinking is not an option!  When you make the commitment to fully jump in there is no turning back, no trying; it’s time for all out massive action.  You have fully committed:  doing what you said you would do when the feeling with which you said it is gone.  


Stephanie D. Burroughs President StephanieSpeaking LLC

Stephanie D. Burroughs President
StephanieSpeaking LLC

StephanieSpeaking LLC provides professional speaking services, workshop facilitation, “Thought-Life” Navigation and Business Navigation services.  We help minority, women, veteran, and small business owners overcome fear, confusion, frustration and stagnation in government and public contracting.  We provide business owners with detailed instruction and strategies to effectively navigate and contract with the government marketplace;  identify procurement opportunities, market to federal, state and local government departments, agencies, commissions and authorities; understand how agencies procure goods and services.

We also navigate businesses through the completion of government procurement registrations and classification.  At StephanieSpeaking LLC  we demystify and assist businesses with completing the variety of diversity certifications; e.g. MBE/WBE/SBE/DBE/8A/EDWOSB/WOSB, etc.

Stephanie D. Burroughs is known for her inspirational, impactful, informative and common sense approach resulting in thousands of clients and audience members who have experienced her  purpose, passion and insights.

Learn More:

To book Stephanie D. Burroughs for speaking engagements or discovery sessions ONLY, contact her at: navigator@stephaniespeaking.com.

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About Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs

Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs is an inspirational speaker, moderator, trainer, business development and G.R.I.T. Growth coach; and author. Through her expertise in navigating minority, women, small and veteran business owners through the complexities of government and public procurement programs; her audience is inspired, impacted and informed of PRECISELY what is required to achieve their goals. Dr. Stephanie D. Burroughs has been a minority, women, small and veteran business advocate and supplier diversity advocate for more than 35 years. Her candid real-world advice, inspiring, humorous and thought-provoking stories leave a lasting mental and emotional take action now impact.
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